Parsons School of Design,               New York

Cornell Tech,                           New York

Antwerp International School,           Antwerp

Lycée Français Internationale d’Anvers, Antwerp
Creative Technologist. Thinker. Entrepreneur.

We flip coins to settle between two alternatives. It’s binary. Simplified.

But the world is complicated, intertangled and messy.

We take fragments of information and distill them into ‘this way' or 'that way’﹣ right or wrong﹣ much like the coin, to make sense of the world around us. Our perception becomes limited, as if we have reduced the quality of an image to one pixel.

Our civilization is based on this (mis)information, and this is what my work explores﹣ society as a construct, and how we interact with this construct that we built. My work serves as a critique on how we function.

“We can only speculate,

but speculate we can and must.”