VON Diamonds
08–23 to 02–24
VON Diamonds is a newly launched e-commerce platform selling lab-grown and natural diamond jewelry.

Grown Brilliance
06–23 to 02–24
Grown Brilliance is an established e-commerce platform selling lab-grown diamond jewelry.

GROW XR: My Memory Palace

MIT Reality Hack 2023
GROW XR is a virtual platform that assists patients in long-term care in their rehabilitation journeys through gamified assistive features.
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AR, Unity, Healthcare, Product Design

Winner of Best Pitch @ MIT Reality Hack 2023


Lablab.ai’s OpenAI Whisper Hackathon
WordSense is a hardware product that assists people with hearing disabilities in navigating daily life through Haptic Touch feedback. It applies OpenAI’s Whisper and GPT-3 in the field of disability.

See Screens & Scream aims to replace the consumerism-based experience of being surrounded by ads, and explores identity under capitalism.
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Unity, IoT, Blender

“We can only speculate,

but speculate we can and must.”